Howdy! we are located on Galveston Island near Texas, U.S.A. We have been in the motorcycle tire business for the past 25 years. I also road raced for 15 years.
When you call us we give you the straight story. You ask, we answer. A few names you might recognize who we have worked with from beginner to world champion. Colin Edwards, Kevin Schwantz, Ben Spies, Doug Polen. If you have roadraced on Michelin Tires you have probably dealt with us.
We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the latest tires and the latest information. If you call us and we do not have a Michelin that you are looking for we will tell you where else you might be able to find it.

Our name is not Island Racing Tires it is ISLAND RACING "SERVICES",
We will always do our best to make and keep you happy.


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Island Racing Services
2724 61ST #190

HOURS/ call my cell phone anytime
PHONE 409-771-3950
FAX 409-737-4792

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Michelin Motorcycle Tires
We Proudly sell and service only Michelin Motorcycle Tires.